The Solar


The close tie between Solar dos Cáceres and its adjoining chapel of Our Lady of the Incarnation was established in 1481 by Luiz de Cáceres.

In 1755, this concession, which comprised more than 200 properties, was granted to Aires de Sá e Melo, who was a nobleman from the Royal House and also counselor, minister, ambassador and secretary of state.  Later, Maria Inês de Sá professed religious vows at the Convent of Jesus and gave up this privilege in favour of her cousin and nephew Luis Albuquerque de Melo Pereira and Caceres, from the House of Insua, also a nobleman from the Royal House, who later became Governor and Captain General of Mato Grosso and Cuiaba, Brazil.

Recently, in 2013, the manor house was rebuilt, keeping its entire structure and rustic architecture. However, it was combined with a refined and modern décor, becoming a magnificente and unique Rural Tourism accommodation.